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Rip Buoy - The Water Guardian

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Rip Buoy is a lifesaving aid that is positioned in permanent topographical ocean rips 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The aim of the Rip Buoy is to provide aid to swimmers that are caught in rips.

The Rip Buoy can accommodate three people to be on board the device and 15 people holding onto the external life lines which surround the Rip Buoy.

On board the Rip Buoy is an emergency button that when activated sends an alarm to base station. A back-to-base monitoring system and data logging system is also positioned within the device.

When the swimmer activates the emergency button not only is the alarm activated at base station, it also sends ten text messages and emails are issued to designated persons for that specific Rip Buoy to alert them that there is a person in distress.